CCC shoes and bags

Title sponsor

CCC is one of the leading European shoe companies. It’s owner, Dariusz Milek, is knowh for his love of cycling and sponsors a few cycling teams. We are proud to be part of orange faimly.

OAKLEY distributor of Oakley in Poland provides us with the best in class sports glasses that we use during training, racing and every day.


Technical partner

Thanks to C+Ceramic products allowed us to save serious watts and shave seconds from our bike splits.


Swimming gear

Huub wetsutis and swimming gear are our weapon of choice during swimming legs of triathlon races. Huub wetsuits are so flexible and fit us so well that we cosinder them our second skin in the water.

Wahoo Fitness

Sports electronics

Sports electronics manufacturer Wahoo Fitness provides us with sports watches, bike computers, sensors, power pedals, trainers and training software.

HJC Sports

Bicycle helmets

HJC Sports is leading manufacturer of bicycle helmets. We have chosen IBEX 2.0 model for training and ADWATT 1.5 for racing.


Internet support

Do you like our website? The Artneo interactive agency from Olsztyn designed it for us. Furthermore they are also responsible for all the graphic designs that we use.

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